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Better Ideas,

Better Ideas mediaworks gives you everything you need to have a top of the line small business web site; first-class design, content management, web hosting, email addresses, and domain name registration and much more.

First-class web site design options appropriate to any budget and purpose. Simultaneously while our design team is "listening" to the client needs and working on the overall design we usually prepare several different samples so that the client can select a "look and feel" that suits his needs and interests.

During this phase, we may even prepare a skeleton site that incorporates this "look and feel." This will begin to give a sense of the navigation. Once this is completed, a simple pilot can be launched. You can view your design stage by stage and give us valuable feedback at each stage.

We create logo designs, web graphics and banner designs too. We can create an unique image to represent your corporate identity or even modify your current logo and capture the essence of your business. We create banner designs that are standard animated or non-animated, with Rich media like text and search fields, buttons, lists, pull-downmenus and image maps and Flash banners.